by Franz Liszt

Hi there, I'm the ghost of Hungarian composer Franz Liszt, and boy am I Hungary! Ha ha, get it? Seriously, though, I really am hungry. I've been dead since 1886. That's a long time to go between meals. You'd think ghosts wouldn't get hungry, but you'd be wrong. Very, very wrong.

Still don't know who I am? Really? Because a lot of people consider me the greatest piano virtuoso of all time. Hey, THEY said it, not me. I'm not trying to brag here. I INVENTED the symphonic poem, man. I wrote Mephisto's Waltz. Ring any bells? No? How about Liebestraume? You haven't? Fine! You know that song Bugs Bunny plays when he's trying to kill the mouse inside his piano? I wrote that. Sheesh, get a little culture, people!

No, Archduke Ferdinand I am NOT talking to you. I'm talking to the people reading this comedy website that I... Website. It's on computers. People connect them to... You don't know computers? God, you died WAY after I did! Try to keep current, man.

Sorry about that, folks. Anyway, if there's one thing I loved more than the piano, composing, or fried bologna sandwiches, it's numbered humorous items under a common category. I can't get enough of them! That's why I've been asked to be your host for this lists section of capnwacky.com. Between sessions of being lashed with flaming whips by cackling demons and being made to listen to Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals in the fiery pits of Hell, I'll be compiling the finest comedy lists I can for your delight and merriment here.

And maybe, in return, one of you will find a way to send me a delicious sandwich. I'd even settle for just a slice of bologna! Please, I beg you!

OK, I've got to go now, but I'll be back with new lists soon. Check back often and don't miss the non-list comedy on the rest of capnwacky.com

Seriously, without me there would be NO Debussy OR Schoenberg. They're standing on my shoulders, man! What? You've never heard of them either? Oy.

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Ways to Ask Your Barber to Cut Your Hair Like Justin Bieber's

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Jokes That Would Be Offensively Racist if Cupcakes Were a Minority Group In Addition to Being a Delicious Baked Good

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Signs That the Person You're Dating May Secretly Be Canadian

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Supervillains, What Are Your Plans For Ruining Christmas?

Cable TV Holiday Programming

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Specials Fox Is Planning To Follow "O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It Happened"

What the Family is Thankful For

Losing Candidates' Campaign Slogans

Complaint Letters to a Haunted House

Questions the Invisible Man is Tired of Being Asked at Parties

Monsters, What Are YOU Afraid Of?

What Happened to the Members of the Expedition that Entered the Cursed Tomb of the Mummy

Additional Methods Not Specifically Cited by Paul Simon in "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover"

Memos Uncovered from the Offices of NBC (c. 1969) of Slogans Engineered to Renew Viewer and Advertiser Interest in Star Trek

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Things the Easter Bunny Really Hates

Things That Were Written on a Page from The Notebook of the Guy Who Came Up With the Aphorism “I Wept That I Had No Shoes Until I Met A Man With No Feet.”

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Deleted Scenes Not Included in the Star Wars Episode III DVD

Articles Featured in Witches World Weekly Magazine

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Signs That You May be a Werewolf

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Alternate Headlines for James Doohan's Obituary

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Guinness World Records No One Wants to Break

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Patriotic Fourth of July Dishes

Liberals Can Be Patriots Too Meals: Dishes from Democrats and Responses To Them From Senator Thaddeous Rustaker (R, Georgia)

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Helpful Advice From Tom Cruise

Selected Items at My Jimmy-Buffett-Themed Restaurant Chain Which Will Oepn Next Year and Will Not Be Named "Margaritaville"

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Listing of Classes Available at the Jedi Academy

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Would they make good Vulcans?

Two Lists: If Frank Capra had been diagnosed as severely depressed & If Neil Simon had been a serial killer

TV Guide listings on the Planet of the Apes

Bad ideas for Shakespeare adaptations

Other ways to trick B.A. Baracus onto an airplane

Upcoming American Idol theme weeks

Martha Stewart's plans on the outside

Things I needed to know that I did not learn in kindergarten

Storm safety tips

Viva l'America!

Questions bats are tired of being asked at parties

Sentences written for the school vocabulary list by a student obsessed with tacos but not very good at vocabulary

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Motown- Ghost town

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Titles of movies starring two guys who are always hungry and raising the ire of stuffed shirts