By Brodie H. Brockie, Duncan Pflaster, and Ben Flaster

Call a fellow robot up and say, "Hello. Are your internal servos running?" When he answers in the affirmative say, "I am glad to here this." This will waste up 5.7624 seconds of his day! How inefficient!

Why, what a jaunty hat I've found lying on the ground... Oh no, it's full of magnets! MEMORY WIPE!!!

Putting sugar in your friend's gas tank

Emptying can of delicious oil and refilling it with repulsive maple syrup.

While your friend is recharging, sticking his robo-claw into a warm container of hydraulic fluid so he springs a leak!

Sneak under the table and solder your friend's feet together.

Tell your friend that the first law of robotics has been repealed. After he has taken a rocket to the nearest populated planet and slaughtered several humans, call him up and say "APRIL FOOLS!"


While your friend is recharging, change it's communication parameters to the standard language of the geographic area known as "Spain" on human planet Terra.

Replace his Death Ray 9000 with a Salad Shooter.

Replace your friend's energon cubes with Decaf.

Pranks are illogical. Your unit is displaying emotion, report to service center for evaluation.