Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi recently visited Walt Disney World. These are things that happened during the trip:

When she was spotted in Fantasyland, one little boy was heard to say, "wait, I thought there were only seven dwarfs."

After meeting Tigger, Snooki remarked, "eh, he's pretty orange, I guess."

Snooki was offended that Jersey wasn't one of the countries you can visit in Epcot.

With no visible provocation, yelled "Nice weave, bitch!" at Rapunzel.

After leaving the Hall of Presidents, Snooki asked, "wait, where was President Tuxedo?"

In Animal Kingdom, Snooki was overheard saying, "I thought they said there'd be gorillas in here. All I see are really big monkeys."

After riding Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Expedition Everest, Snooki said, "this place has so many fake mountains it's almost like being back home in Jersey!"

Asked Belle, "hey, your big hairy Guido got any brothers?"

Was accidentally allowed backstage when park employees mistook her fake fur for a costume from the Lion King show.

Kicked out of Frontierland after inappropriate activities on Splash Mountain. "SPLASH Mountain? I thought they said 'Smash Mountain.'"

Reportedly got in a catfight with Jasmine after she told Aladdin she liked his "situation."

Flipped out on the Jungle Cruise the moment she heard the skipper mention that he'd spotted a hippo.

After meeting Mickey and Minnie, Snooki said, "alla these people with plastic body parts really make me miss Jwoww."

Only able to sneak past thrill ride's height restrictions because of the poof.

Snooki met Snow White next to her wishing well, told her her she needed to look into tanning and that her hot tub was totally ghetto.