They can name all fifty states, and locate the United States on a globe.

A hidden stash of Anne Murray albums

Maple Leaf tattoo

She's got a Tim Hortons around every curve, know what I'm talkin bout?

They leave simple notes around the house to let you know how much they care... written in both English and French.

They know how to lawn bowl.

Is interested in seeing this side project Lorne Michaels threw together.

Engagement ring? No. Stanley Cup ring? Yes.

Slept with Dave Coulier.

Whenever you consider going to war with someone for no reason, she looks at you like you're nuts and backs very slowly away.

That one time you cut yourself? She didn't charge you for the band-aid or antisceptic.

When she talks, the top part of her head completely separates from the bottom part of her head.

Impervious to cold (Though also a Sign That The Person You're Dating May Secretly Be an X-Man).

Tattoos of William Shatner and Lorne Greene on each cheek.

Cannot state the infield fly rule, but knows all the intricacies of icing.

For your honeymoon, suggests the two of you take a romantic drive down to Niagara Falls.

When you recall county fairs you went to as a kid, she mentions past productions at the Stratford Festival.

Everytime she orders the breakfast special, thinks the waitress forgot her bacon. Honey, it's right there, those two strips. Yes, that's bacon, what did you think bacon was?

You have to wait in a long line then get asked a lot of rude questions every time you want to "cross her border", know what I'm sayin?.

Has an heirloom pair of snow shoes.

His first sexual fantasy was about Anne of Green Gables.

She's unfamiliar with a curling iron, very familiar with curling.