Aquaman will finally make sense as a member of the Justice League.

Think visiting Six Flags is fun now? Wait until you visit Six Flags UNDERWATER!

More colorful news stories about those wacky and loveable pirates.

We got no troubles! Life is da bubbles under the sea!

Climbing Everest - with a stepladder.

Years of sloth and overeating lead to buoyancy!

Seeing the looks on my neighbors' faces after all their ridicule while I was building my Ark.

Future generations of humans indistinguishable from Michael Phelps... except the gills.

Unicorn schadenfreude.

MIght get to live on a cool boat like Sonny Crockett!

Brain space formerly occupied by the names of five oceans, seven continents, hundreds of countries and thousands of cities now available for more TV trivia.

Every dwelling comes with ocean view.

Dynamic new sequel to "March of the Penguins:" "Flail of the Moose."

Easier than ever for John Lennon fans to "imagine there's no countries."

Very few forest fires, and almost no floods - I mean, except for the one.

Colonization of Mars put on the fast-track.

No more having to hear people say, "Yeah, but at least it's a DRY heat." Greenpeace right out of business, as whales take over top of the food chain

Shipping lanes free of dangerous icebergs... also, land.

Northwest Passage finally found - it's everywhere!

Willy, and all his kind, forever free.