When Mary Jane dies suddenly in a violent accident, Spider-Man attempts to swing around the world at super-speed to turn back time so he can try to save her.

Rummaging through the attic, Peter discovers that his kindly old Aunt May used to be his Uncle Jay.

Near the beginning of the movie, Spider-Man sits down and addresses the audience directly saying, "Having gotten your attention with the previous films, I'd like to spend the rest of this one talking to you about something very important to me - The Church of Scientology."

A surprising amount of screen time is devoted to Aunt May shopping for a new fanny pack.

Musical numbers done by U2. Oh, wait.

That it is possible to make a third installation of a series without it degenerating into utter crap.

In the final shot, Spidey will reveal a new costume. It'll look exactly like his normal costume, but it'll have those armpit webs. Blackout! and roll credits.

Action sequences are padded with footage from Spidey's 70s-era educational appearances on The Electric Company. Also included, a whole scene in which he teaches the audience about conjunctions.

Following the trend set by the last two movies, now whenever characters make a self-referential comic book joke they will look at the camera, nod and wink.

In a bit of fan-service, Spidey and MJ will be caught in the rain again. To "up the ante" and add more sex appeal, MJ will be revealed to have a superfluous, yet large, third nipple.

No cameo by Bruce Campbell.

Spider-Man and the New Goblin spend a tedious 20 minute sequence in which, in full costume, they enjoy a meal at Burger King. The only dialogue during this scene are the lines "Man, this is tasty!" "Mmm Mmm!" and "I'm having it MY way!" repeated several times.

While hilarious in his element, in a sizable supporting role comic Richard Pryor is painfully unfunny and out of place here.

Continuing the series' trend of giving the villains stronger ties to Spider-Man, Peter discovers that Sandman may have killed his Uncle Ben and Kraven the Hunter used to date his Uncle Jay.