Invade Latveria and instigate regime change by ousting their dictator, Dr. Doom.

Travel to Disney World and kill robot impostor in The Hall of Presidents.

Get more friends than Putin on Facebook.

Find out what happened to that silly goat.

Get in some real vacation time.

Learn to spell Afganastan.

100% "Welcome to the Jungle" on hard in Guitar Hero III.

Start writing things down, so I'll have something to turn over to my library at SMU.

Remove the "M" keys from all the White House typewriters before John
McCain moves in, heh heh.

Remove all the "O" and "C" keys from the typewriters just in case.

Watch a little C-Span to see what all the fuss is about.

Get book of secrets back from Nicolas Cage.

Call Habitat for Humanity and see where they're building next February.

Find somebody to write my autobiography.

Exchange all my US Dollars for Euros before I lose my regular paycheck.

Get back to work on the going to Mars plan! ALMOST FORGOT! LOL!

Finally beat Condi at arm-wrestling.

Work on Will Ferrell impersonation.

Secret Service Crowd Surfing.

Fill nail holes on White House walls with toothpaste so as not to lose the security deposit.

Raise approval rating back into the double digits.

Stay up later than Cheney.

Sit in the big boy seat at a State Dinner.

Secure a spot on next year's Dancing with the Stars. Become BFF with Tom Bergeron.

Find out who that guy with the whiskers is in that painting over the sofa.

Spend $600 tax rebate check at Wal-Mart.

Send a thank-you note to the Dean at the Electoral College.