Amalgamated Humor's Disgruntled Employee of the Month

Each month, Amalgamated Humor's Public Relations specialist, Gary Newbrunswick, puts the spotlight on a valued member of the Amalgamated Humor corporate family. In addition to an extra vacation day and photo with a receptionist from the executive office, they also get a featured interview.

Feb - Gary Newbrunswick, VP of Public Relations
Mar - Dr. Alphonse Williams, staff psychiatrist
Apr - Leslie Markin, Youth Trends Tracker
Jun - Pernilla Tilson, Efficiency Expert
Aug - Louise Tuttle, Materials Placement Specialist

Jan - Renee Kincaid, store manager
Feb - Senator Thomas Fenton
Mar - Shaun McNally, Irishman
Apr - Carter Winslow, PR Assistant
May - Sean Latimer
Jun - Lisa Darby, Events Coordinator
Jul - Mitch Shale, Truant Officer
Aug - Professor Angus Dimbledoo
Sept - Max Collins, Tech Support
Oct - Theresa Morrow, Graphic Designer
Nov - Mr. Brockie
Dec - Gary Newbrunswick, VP of Public Relations

Feb - Rocko and Tiny, Security
Mar - Edgar Gaberdine, Towel Boy
Apr - Craz Branson, Leaad Guitar
May - Aloysius Stebbens, Standards and Practices
June - Fred Grant, Police Officer
July - The Kilnschtocker Coffee Brewer
Aug - Cap'n Wacky
Sept - Bertrand Kibbles, Surprise Tester
Oct - David Colambski, Night Watchman
Nov - George W. Bush, Factory Operations
Dec - Ted Helman, Plant Operations

Jan - Tom Roper, Futurist
Feb - Janice Ennis, Whistler
Mar - Jackie Bernwood, Unofficial office jokester
Apr - Paul Foley, Human Resources
May - Alan Stippel, Research
June - Gary Schylling, Production
July - Cody "Buck" Weston, Cowboy
August - Vincent Barrett, Inventory
October - Corey Wintraub, Bartender
November - Kanka-Tanka Toooo
December - Marley Jacobs

Jan - John Vickers, Executive Assistant
Feb - Milton Travis, Speechwriter
Mar - The Oddly-Colored Talking Wild Boar Who Lives Underneath the Cafeteria Sink and Acts As Sort-Of a Living Garbage Disposal
Apr - Kerby Wheeler, Jingle Writer/Composer
May - Marcy Hansen, Foodservice/Cafeteria operations
Jun - Arlene Juarez, vending systems
Jul - Dr. William Habb & AH-34XT, research & development
Aug - Eban Floyd, Webmaster
Sept - Eddie Memling, Amalgamated Humor liasion with entertainment industry
Oct - Janet Poussain, Sealer
Nov - Denise Wah, Amalgamated Humor masseuse
Dec - Mitch Hornbee, Sales

Jan - Mr. Ticklepaws, Kitty
Feb - Kenna Purnis, Acquisitions
Mar - Evan Kessler, Lobbyist
Apr - Toby "Gopher" O'Hallahan
May - Don Hesling, Mailroom Assistant
Jun - Barbara Ashley, Manager, Amalgamated Humor Visitor's Center/Gift Shop
Jul - The Thin Green Man, Ghost
Aug - Gary Newbrunswick, VP of Public Relations
Sept - Susan Wallace, Simmons Appriasals and Assessments, L.L.C.
Oct - Sam Frawley, Groundskeeper
Nov - T.R. Hastings, Security Chief
Dec - Human Parcel Carrier Unit

Jan - Jason Haver, Y2K Preparedness Specialist
Feb - Pam Wilson, Head of Daycare
Mar - Thor
Apr - R.J. White, Co-President
May - Gordon "Gordy" Shwartz, Mailroom Supervisor
Jun - Judy Marbles, Amalgamated Humor Ice Cream Truck Driver
Jul - Hal Meeks, Amalgamated Humor Company Pool Lifeguard,
Aug - Dana Brean, Records Supervisor and Unofficial Amalgamated Humor Historian.
Sept - Mark Nelson, Recruiter
Oct - Marty Lurnlin from Accounting
Nov - Mike Rogers, Chronal Mechanics Engineer
Dec - Nast W. Tweed, Crony

Aug - Louise Tuttle, Materials Placement Specialist, Sector 7-G
Sept - Secretary to the Presidents, Miss Randi Vavoom
Oct - Horace Tambor, the man who wears the Cap'n Wacky suit at all public appearances.
Nov - The Telesupport 1117 Automated Phone System
Dec- Jingles the Elf