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Amalgamated Humor, Inc. is one of the world's most beloved massive corporate entities. Our company was founded in 1930, when a novelty company and hazardous waste manufacturer combined forces, forming one big company that produced novelty products that resulted in hazardous waste by-products.

Since those humble beginnings, our business has grown through the decades until we've seeped into nearly every aspect of modern-day life: from radio, television, weapons-manufacturing, dog food, theme parks, funeral homes, to online humor, our many tendrils have spread out to encircle the globe - like a great big hug!

Take a look around and get to know us a little better. Here you can read about our corporate history, learn a little bit about some of our great employees, see some of our most memorable products, and keep up-to-date with the latest info about our company.

As Cap'n Wacky, our beloved company mascot always says, "If you want to laugh 'til your laugher is sated, come get some humor that's amalgamated!"

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