The Amalgamated Humor Story: The Story of Amalgamated Humor

These days, everyone from carefree children to the manic depressive turn to Amalgamated Humor for their amusement needs (though the manic depressive generally only seek the humor when on the manic end of the swing, not so much on the depressive end). This was not always the way. There was once a time when the Amalgamated Humor corporation did not even exist.

Before Amalgamated Humor, watching a common woman hammer away passed for entertainment.
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Imagine how hollow life must have been then. The main source of humor during neighborhood get-togethers stemmed from pie-in-the-face jokes or getting the dog drunk.

Let's dwell no more on this sort of existence lest we all go mad.

During the early years of the twentieth century, as America began to define itself as the industrial leader of the world, among the many strong corporations of the nation there were two that were destined to someday join forces.

Ichabod Lancaster White XXXII was known across the globe as a captain of industry and the owner of Hazardous Chemicals Incorporated, the leading producer of intentionally hazardous chemicals in the free world. At the same time, Sheky "Ralph" Brockie was the top banana at Wack-O-Rama Gag-Co., beloved manufacturer of fake vomit, joy buzzers, seltzer bottles, dribble glasses, fake ice cubes with bugs in them, and much more.

However, when the depression struck, it seemed as though America's craving for hazardous chemicals suddenly stopped. While Americans still wanted to distract themselves from dust-storms and starvation with googly eye glasses and gum that turns your teeth black, "Ralph" was having trouble getting the supplies he desperately needed to produce his comical amusement goods.

Business for both men was fading faster than the disappearing ink from the Wack-O-Rama labs.

Both White and Brockie remained rich enough, however, to attend the Wealthy Industrialist Convention held in Long Island in 1930. It was there that they would meet for the first time.

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