Old Amalgamated Humor Products

Yes, there was a better time in this country. A simpler time, free of governmental regulations. A time when common citizens were so fearful of industrial conglomerates, that a lawsuit was unthinkable. A time when certain manufacturers of industrial-grade novelty items could make pretty much whatever they wanted in order to make the consumers of this fine country happy.

Sadly, those times have passed us by. Here now, we dip into the Amalgamated Humor archives in order to give you a glimpse of those truly golden times for our industry.

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In the fifties and sixties, a downturn in the novelty item industry caused Amalgamated Humor to diversify into other areas and consumer product lines.

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Item 6

The seventies were a tumultous time, with Amalgamated Humor trying to latch onto new trends, while also working to please an older demographic.

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