See the postcards we've gotten so far:

Brooklyn, NY
Marshall, MI
Venice Beach, CA
Hollywood, CA
Egypt I
Egypt II
Egypt III
Egypt IV


Catalina, CA
Battle Creek, MI
Las Vegas, NV I
Las Vegas, NV II

Las Vegas, NV III

MSU Library
Puerto Rico
Sturbridge, MA
Live Nude Girls Unite
Metropolis, IL
Ashfall, NE
Colborne, ON
Vancouver, BC
Killarney, Ireland
The Michigan Bird
Mackinac Island, MI
Second Anniversary

Christmas 2

Christmas 3
Burbank, CA
Mt. Rushmore, SD
West Palm Beach, FL
Terre Haute, IN
Olathe, KS
Palm Springs, FL
NEW! Lenoir, NC
NEW! Coloma, CA
NEW! Chicago, IL

Dear loyal Cap'n Wacky readers, occasional Cap'n readers, those who have stumbled here blindly, and friends and family who would feel guilty if they didn't look once in a while,

We want your postcards! How's this for fun? Go get a postcard of your hometown/city/school/principality or a business in your hometown/city/school/principality or a landmark in your hometown/city/school/principality and mail it to us, with your best wishes. Mail it to:

Reader Postcards
C/O Amalgamated Humor
P.O. Box 7033
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

We will put the postcards on the site, along with your name (unless you don't want us to put up your name, then we won't, but don't forget to tell us) and possibly make some kind of remarks (possibly snide, sometimes).

Please, we ask so little.

The fine folks at Cap'n Wacky's Boatload of Fun