Your Reader Postcards Host: Amalgamated Humor Mail Room Guy, Gordon "Gordy" Schwartz.

This picture was taken on Gordy's first day on the job in June, 1968. In the years since, his vim and vigor have been replaced by bitterness and bile.
Gordy was our Disgruntled Employee of the Month in May, 2000. Read his interview here.
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Wow! A postcard just for me, Gordy Shwartz!

In all my years in the mailroom, I do believe this is the first time I've ever gotten something for myself. I feel like I should be putting it in someone's slot, but it's already where it needs to go: right in my hands!

Why, I almost feel as if the heartbreak and the bitterness that has collected on me like plaque on a tooth melting away under the warm bristles of this gesture.

And what a lovely place this Mackinac Island appears to be. Lush greens, jutting rocks, blue waters. I imagine the smell you refer to is very pleasant!

Hey, I think one of my underlings is from Traverse City, Michigan. I wonder if he knows anything about...


He informs he the island is practically covored in horse pucky.

I'll get you for this, Jesse.