Your Reader Postcards Host: Amalgamated Humor Mail Room Guy, Gordon "Gordy" Schwartz.

This picture was taken on Gordy's first day on the job in June, 1968. In the years since, his vim and vigor have been replaced by bitterness and bile.
Gordy was our Disgruntled Employee of the Month in May, 2000. Read his interview here.
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Now this, I can assure you, is the kind of postcard that Cap'n Wacky likes to see. Not only does the sender promise to bring back the old salt's poisen of choice, but there's a drink recipe printed on the back of the card too!

I notice the sender's last name is "Brockie," just like Amalgamated Humor Co-President Brodie H. Brockie. I wonder if they might be related. Notice this detail from the back of the card:

I'd guess he is related.