Your Reader Postcards Host: Amalgamated Humor Mail Room Guy, Gordon "Gordy" Schwartz.

This picture was taken on Gordy's first day on the job in June, 1968. In the years since, his vim and vigor have been replaced by bitterness and bile.
Gordy was our Disgruntled Employee of the Month in May, 2000. Read his interview here.
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Uh oh, somebody's been eating sugar straight out of the package at the tableside.
Hey, it's the Tableside Gang in their signature primary and secondary colored polo shirts sitting around the table, just like we've all come to know them.

Ah, the little imps. Who doesn't love their antics?

OK, seriously, I have no idea where this postcard came from or why it even exists, but these little cherubs with their perfectly-styled hair and forced smiles will be keeping me awake at night. Children should not be able to shill this well.

The Tableside Gang, folks - all smiles, no souls.