Your Reader Postcards Host: Amalgamated Humor Mail Room Guy, Gordon "Gordy" Schwartz.

This picture was taken on Gordy's first day on the job in June, 1968. In the years since, his vim and vigor have been replaced by bitterness and bile.
Gordy was our Disgruntled Employee of the Month in May, 2000. Read his interview here.
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I think we can safely say that this is the first postcard we've ever received from sporting goods.

Some details we'd like to point out from this card:

1. In the spot where a stamp should be placed, it reads "Please put a 20 stamp here or this will go nowhere fast."

2. We can read this because our sender did not put a 20 stamp over it - she put a 34 stamp next to it. I guess that extra 14 lets you put the stamp pretty much wherever you want. Money talks.

3. The bottom of the back reads "Don't write below this section or the post office might reject you." And if you see the people they take you'd realize what an insult that would be.

4. Did we mention this card not only features a picture of a bowling ball, but it is apparantly FROM that bowling ball.

We've got some freaky readers out there.