An empire isn't built on action figure sales without a lot of characters to base them on. The Star Wars saga crams an awful lot of characters into just 6 films, and as a result, we don't get to know many of them as well as we might like. So, here we get to know a handful of these characters a little better as we present them in their own words:

Yoda/Padawan Chat Scandal Transcript By Brodie H. Brockie

Crash and Burn By Ben Flaster

The New Job By RJ White

Excerpts from "Memoirs of a Lizard Monkey" By Justin Vidovic

Last Entry From the Death Star Stormtroopers' Private Blog By Calamity Jon Morris

Dear Johnbacca By Brodie H. Brockie

Hand, solo By Justin Vidovic

Red Six Writes Home by Brodie H. Brockie

"Boop Beep Whirr Whirr B------" by Calamity Jon Morris

The Contents of Princess Leia's E-Mail Outbox by Calamity Jon Morris

Call Me Hammerhead by Brodie H. Brockie

Back to Work by Leonard Pierce