The New Job

intercepted by RJ White

Subject: Mom, dad-- Big News
Date: Sunday, Natsun 12, 2583

Dear mom and dad,

I know it's been awhile, but I wanted to wait to write when I felt you could be proud of me. We didn't exactly leave things on good terms when I left university, but that wasn't the life for me. A few cycles of classes, then what? A job at the shipyards? Some position in the Empire? I just couldn't face down years of that.

Yeah, dad, it's a cliche'-- traveling the galaxy to "find myself," but it's just something I had to do. Well, I ended up here- Bespin. I know, I know, you're probably already assuming I'm working in some sleazy casino, but there's a very robust carbonite mining operation here and I've really found my niche in the administrative department.

In fact, that's my big news-- I've just found out that I've received a huge promotion. I'll be the executive assistant to the director of the company, Mr. Calrissian. It's a huge boost in pay, a great deal more responsibility and I think a step in the right direction to maybe running my own company some day. I have some tests tomorrow and what Mr. Calrissian told me was a "routine medical procedure," something for the insurance company, he said. You know how those people are.

I just hope that I hear back from you, now that I've finally given you a reason to be proud of me. I'd really like it if you'd maybe travel here for a visit, it's only 20 parsecs by standard transport. It'd be good to see you again.

Your son,

Subject: Re: We've missed you, too
Date: Thursday, Natsun 16, 2583

Mother and father.

Thank you for your response to my message dated Natsun 12 re:my new position within this organization. The medical procedure went according to specified parameters.

Further comunications will follow. I will contact you in the next cycle, should I require more information re: Heart attack, father designate.

-- E-mail program 3126