March 2006 | Volume 1, Issue 3

It's March, the month that comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. This is the same way Cap'n Wacky's last girlfriend described his romantic prowess.

ITEM: We have a new Director of Public Relations! Please join us in welcoming Ched "Pea-Pod" Brockie to the Amalgamated Humor team! Selected from a pool of hundreds of qualified applicants, Ched recently nearly graduated from the Roy Clark Skool of Publik Realashions. In a remarkable coincidence, Ched is also the second-cousin of Amalgamated Humor Co-President Brodie Brockie! What a small world we live in! Asked if he was excited about working for his relative's company, Ched had this to say:

"Well, a job is a job is a job is what my Pappy always telled me. They says cousin Brodie is my boss now, but I ain't scared of him. I remembers one time at a family reunion when he was about 12 or somethin' he cried like a dang ol' baby when they tried to force him to enter the pig slapping competition. He tries to tell me whats to do and I'll slap him upsides with my shovel. Also they told me I was gonna haft to shovel a lotta bull, so I wanted to bring a shovel I was already well-aquainted with. I love this shovel more than any women, including momma."

If you'd like to greet Ched in person, just take the elevator to the second floor, turn left and then left again down the first hallway. His office is the one with "Public Relations" stenciled on the window. It's also identifiable as the one with the Trans-am up on cinder-blocks in front of it and the smell of burnt pig hair coming from within.

ITEM: We hear former V.P. of Public Relations Gary Newbrunswick has also landed a new job as the assistant manager of the late shift of the Yogen Fruz inside the bus station. Congratulations, Gary, and please stop calling the office!

ITEM: March is Black History Month! Look to the corkboard next to the cafeteria entrance for a new profile of an historical African American individual each week this month. And they won't all just be George Washington Carver and Oprah, either. We made Carter Winslow put some actual effort into this.

ITEM: We've just been informed that February was actually Black History month. Sorry. Nevermind.

ITEM: You know, I could just go back and delete both of those items and no one would even know we screwed up. That would make more sense wouldn't it? Oh well.

THIS MONTH'S EMPLOYEE HEATH TIP from Human Resources head Dolly Saunders: Drink lots of water! Water is good for you! Did you know that you are made up of 80% water? You are! You'd think that would be enough, right? But no. Doctors say you should still drink lots of water anyway! Maybe they want us to get it up to like 90, 93% - that's a lot of water! I wonder if Aquaman has a higher percentage of water in him than most people. Maybe that's why he's such a good swimmer! Remember: if you DO start drinking lots more water, you do not receive additional employee bathroom break allotments. Learn to hold it in, or bring an empty jug to keep under your desk. Water!

THE PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Mr. Brockie says: "Some advice to you do-it-yourselfers out there. Remember this St. Patrick's Day that Shamrock Shakes do not actually contain shamrocks in them. False advertising. Live and learn, I guess. Well, I'm off to make grasshopper pie!"

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