Humor site to update every weekday in August

August 1, 2000

by Chick Ribbons
Fluff news reporter

Cap'n Wacky's Boatload of Fun (on the web at is celebrating its one-year anniversary all this month. Throughout August, instead of just the usual Friday updates, the site will feature new comedy every single weekday.

Each Week this month will have its own theme. August 1 - 4 is Amalgamated Humor Week. August 7 - 11 is Unfortunate Cards Week. August 14 - 18 is eGad Week. August 21 -25 is Update Week. August 28 - 31 is Election 2000 Week.

"It was in the waning weeks of July, 1999 when posted a small line drawing of Cap'n Wacky with just a note saying '' - coming in August," said Amalgamated Humor vice President of Public Relations, Gary Newbrunswick. "Obviously, there was a lot of buzz right away that Amalgamated Humor would finally have a web presence, but little did we know we would almost immediately become the most popular humor website that is hosted by a disturbing-looking wooden sailor."

When the site opened in August of 1999, viewers could learn all about Amalgamated Humor on their corporate Intranet or browse for items on eBay parody eGad. Several more sections followed, including the Jimmicam, a Jennicam/webcam parody; Art Bypass, where good art is made better; Flotsam and Jetsam, where anything can happen but rarely does; and Hairy Knavel's It Ain't Cool in the Basement News.

"I love being a part of the Cap'n Wacky family," said Knavel. "Not only do they pay me and give me great Cap'n Wacky toys... they also give me a first look at any film projects they've invested in... as long as I promise to give a good review, that is."

The site has been popular with other web-creators too, gaining links from such well-known humor sites as Gobler Toys, The Centre for the Easily Amused, Suck, and Arthritis Insight. Yes, Arthritis Insight.

"Apparently, we're very popular with the arthritic," said Amalgamated Humor Co-President Brodie H. Brockie. "I think it's because Cap'n Wacky himself is so stiff."

Also popular have been the Cap'n's various holiday sections, especially the Gallery of Unfortunate Cards features. This month, the site will add the Gallery of Unfortunate Birthday Cards.

"Yeah, I didn't really want to keep doing that many Unfortunate Cards, but the public ate 'em up," said Amalgamated Humor Co-President R.J. White. "So we keep doing it. We keep giving the damn zombies whatever they want."

"He's just kidding," Newbrunswick quickly added. "That's the trademark wit."

"Whatever," said White before tossing back a big gulp of bourbon.

The site has also been a great place for reader interaction, hosting several contests and featuring a section for reader's postcards and a message board.

"Feh. We never hear from anybody," snarled grizzled mail room clerk Gordy Shwartz. "People just take, take, take and never give. Who needs them?"

"He's kidding too," said Newbrunswick. "Just a bunch of big kidders over here."

Will Cap'n Wacky's Boatload of Fun make it to another year? It's hard to say. The Cap'n is currently in a heated battle with rival Cap'n Shifty over the mascotship of Amalgamated Humor and hosting duties on the site.

"When I win the election, look for some big changes," said Cap'n Shifty. "Vote for me this November if you want a better website."

Cap'n Wacky himself could not be reached for comment. Newbrunswick explained he was suffering from exhaustion following recent anniversary celebrations.