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Statement Under Oath of Principal Executive Officers Regarding Facts and Circumstances Relating to Exchange Act Filings

We, the undersigned, state and attest that:

(1) To the best of our knowledge, based upon a review of the pertinent financial records and documents of Amalgamated Humor, Inc., the files included with this statement are correct and have not been altered, with the exception of-

(2) The following adjustments, which were discovered in the course of further in-house investigation of our financial records:

    - Erroneous counting of funds from payouts of life insurance policies, taken out upon employees without their knowledge. Much of this revenue came chiefly from domestic subsidaries- Amalgamated Acid Works (236 policies paid out), Amalgamated Taffy Co. (431 policies paid out), Amalgamated Grocery Sttores (2,753 policies paid out) and a host of others. (Itemized list attached- Document AH-005) These total $378 million to be substracted from profits for FY 1998-2002.

    - $768,000 to be added to revenues for FY 2002, found under Co-President Brodie H. Brockie's mattress. The funds were not deposited as he was "afraid his bank was haunted by doggie ghosts."

    - The $5.43 million influx of cash from our 2001 merger with Hasbro Toys will be subtracted from earnings statements for that FY, as the merger never actually happened.

    - Certain items were previously claimed as assets that, upon review, should not have been. They include: Mr. Brockie's accumulation of Bazooka Joe bubblegum wrappers (he had intended to send them in for prizes, but now feels they're worth "more in hilarity"), Gary Newbrunswick's beer bottles intended for return for deposit, Mr. White's extensive German pornography collection and other holdings (Itemized list attached- Document AH-026).

    - Expectations of $42,385 to be found in loose change between the cushions of the couch in the employee lounge were not quite met. This figure has been adjusted downward to $.63.

(3) We have reviewed the contents of this statement with our company's Audit Committee and a special tutor to aid Mr. Brockie's comprehension of the data contained therein.

In earnest,

RJ White, President

Brodie H. Brockie, President