The Amalgamated Humor Story: The Story of Amalgamated Humor

Part Three

Over the years, the company thrived like neither of its predecessors. With White's business sense and Brockie's peculiar ability to tap into people's needs to humiliate their friends and loved ones, the team was unstoppable.

Sheky "Ralph" Brockie (left) and Ichabod Lancaster White prepare to shake hands, sealing the deal to merge their two companies into Amalgamated Humor.

The handsake - but what's happened?

Ever the prankster, Brockie reveals the joy buzzer he brought to the ceremony while White writhes in agony.
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The business relationship lasted for several decades, though the partners did not always get along as well as they had during their initial encounter. Brockie always tested out new gags on White before putting them into mass production, and since White was then sobered up, he was generally less receptive to the gags.

Sheky "Ralph" Brockie died in 1950 of exposure to hazardous cemicals. The Amalgamated Humor headquarters was housed on the spot of White's original hazardous chemical factory. A large, leaking tub of hazardous chemicals was found hidden in Brockie's office, behind one of the curtains. Over the years it had taken it's toll on his body.

Some have suggested that it was White's final practical joke on the consummate practical joker. High-priced lawyers convinced the jury that the tub must have been left there by accident after the factory was changed to Amalgamated Humor.

White died later that same year when testing out a chinese finger puzzle and starved to death in his office, unable to free himself, use the telephone, or open the door.

Even after losing both of its founders, Amalgamated Humor lived on. By this time, corporate mascot Cap'n Wacky (see related story) was already more known that the industrialists had been anyway. The business moved into new areas, as anyone reading this must surely know.

Amalgamated Humor soon became the name to look for whenever you wanted to laugh, producing television shows, comic books, newspaper strips, comedy albums, and robotic monkeys.

Today, thanks to nepotism, the great-grandsons of the company founders, Roger Harrison "R.J." White and Brodie H. Brockie, are at the helm of the Amalgamated Humor corporation. They, along with Cap'n Wacky of course, are bringing the company up to date with the official Amalgamated Humor website,, your one-stop comedy destination on the internet.

Remember, Amalgamated Humor- our initials, when backwards, spell "HA".