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Eddie Murphy follows up his role in Dreamgirls, as a singer who has squandered his talent and creative edginess in a desperate and frustrated attempt at mainstream success pandering to the lowest common denominator with this movie in which he plays a woman in a fat suit and her cartoonishly nerdy husband.

Never before have I seen an actor so thoroughly tarnish their post-Oscar credibility before actually winning the Oscar. In that way, at least, Murphy is still innovative.

A film in which the jokes seem to rest entirely on the fact that they are referencing other films, though apparently without spin, satire, or humorous juxtaposition. Are we meant to believe that Lord of the Rings fans will be amused simply by being reminded that Lord of the Rings exists? What's more, the most recent commercial I saw for this film went from a reference to Snakes On A Plane to Paris Hilton to Borat, none of which fit into any definition of the word "epic" I'm familiar with. But then why should I expect filmmakers who don't understand the meaning of the word "jokes" to understand the meaning of the word "epic"?

I'm going to write the rest of this review now as though I am the writer of this movie: Star Wars! Spider-Man! Curious George! Donald Trump! Pirates of the Caribbean! Hostess Ding Dongs! Gilmore Girls! Bratz Dolls! The Matrix! David Hasselhoff! American Idol!

Franchise credibility falling.

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