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Finally, a movie focusing mostly on Wolverine that uses several other mutants from the X-Men comics as a backdrop. What a fresh take on the material, unlike the previous three X-Men movies that used characters from the X-Men comics as a backdrop while focusing mainly on Wolverine.

Christian Bale's ability to act like he's full of rage and unleashing torrents of hate in a screaming rant is a lot less impressive now that we know he's actually like that all the time anyway. It's a bit like John Candy "acting" like a fay guy. What's the challenge?

Also, it's kind of hard to root for a guy you know is actually much scarier than the heartless killer robots.

By the time the previous Star Trek movie wheezed its weary way to its final frame, it was clear that the series had lived too long and prospered too much and was now completely out of ideas. Faced with this realization, Paramount could've gracefully retired the enterprise for good, but that's not what Hollywood likes to do. Instead: when you're out of new ideas, simply start over with the old ideas again! That's what passes for innovation in tinseltown.

Star Trek's new motto: "to blandly go where we've already gone before!"

A little known fact about this movie: it was nearly released under its working title: Raping Charles Dickens.

Over a decade after we've stopped wondering why so many people got such a kick out of The Brady Bunch movie, Will Ferrell excevates up another low-budget 1970s television embarrassment for the big screen. Sorry, sir, that bus already left... over ten years ago. Also, it was a shoddy, malodorous bus in the first place.

By the way, when is Bewitched 2 coming out?

The reason I have no intention of seeing this movie? I've never heard of it. On the other hand, for that same reason, if I had to pick one of these movies to see, this would be the one.

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