The Nobel Prize commitee announced their awards recently, and their annual children's awards got lost in the midst of the flurry of coverage. As a public service, we present those awards here to you.

Peace: Janey Pickers, age 9 - Marshall, Michigan, USA
Janey got her two best friends, Sally Bell and Tina Nickerson, to talk to each other again even though Sally told everybody that Tina likes Melvin Smerdlin (that kid that's always putting yogurt in his hair). Janey convinced Sally to say she was really sorry and give Tina her favorite Backstreet Boys notebook.

Literature: Yukio Kentaro, age 6 - Chiba Japan
Yukio wrote this great story for school where Superman actually meets Frankenstein and beats him up and saves a dog and stuff. Then Harry Potter shows up and turns Frankenstein into a good guy. He even drew a picture for the cover even though he didn't have to and it was, like, six pages long! It was really cool.

Physics: Oly Svenvinsonsgaurd, age 7 - Uppsala, Sweden
After removing over 200 boogers from his nose over the course of three years, Oly has proven that the best way to get one off of your finger is to get it on your thumb and then flick it off. This disproves the earlier theory that just moving your hand really fast and then stopping it suddenly should do the trick.

Medicine: Logan Ogylvie, age 7 - Edinburgh, Scotland
Logan wins for convincing his mother that the only way to get rid of his hiccups is to have him swallow a heaping tablespoon full of sugar. They had tried scaring him and having him drink water while standing on his head, but then he came up with the sugar idea. The best part is, sometimes it even really works (and sometimes you can pretend you've got the hiccups just to get a mouthful of sugar).

There will be no winner this year for chemistry, as the only applicants we got were different mixes of peanut butter and chocolate. Like we didn't know there's already like a hundred candies that do that? Duh!