Erin Murray
Cap'n Wacky's Boatlaod of Fun presents a new song by Erin Murray for you to download and enjoy.

Download "Confessions" here!

And for your further enjoyment, here are the lyrics too:

(c) Erin Murray

You say you love me and I don't doubt it.
But have you really had time to think about it?
There's a reason why I lock my closet door
and when you find out why, you might not love me anymore.
I was never cool, that might be a shocker.
Life looked pretty bleak from inside my locker.
Then I found you, and you transformed all my frowns.
But here's the part where you might want to sit down.

I have more Transformers than you may have ever seen,
I've been Princess Leia for the last five Halloweens...
I might be kind of a geek.
My weekends revolve around following Joss Whedon,
I'm saving myself for Aragorn, Batman or Neil Gaiman.
I might be kind of a geek.
I'm afraid of the ballrog in my dresser drawer
Shatner makes me buy things, hell, he's done it before
And my car can do the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs or more…

Saturday morning at five, I haven't slept yet
I'm still waiting for BSG to be put up on the internet.
In full costume, I read Harry Potter in one night,
And Jar Jar Binks has ruined my life.

I once got lost in my own museum,
I'm gonna build a Delorean out of adamantium,
I might be kind of a geek.
No cure for the rage virus makes me flustered,
All my life I've wanted to be a Ghostbuster.
I might be kind of a geek.
'Melon's not the only Elvish word that I can say
I'm in love Doogie Houser, even if he's gay,
And Superman's a dick and I read Mary Worth every day.

At the end of the day, I'm not so bad anyhow,
I don't write fanfiction, but I kind of want to now.
And what does it matter if you love me after this display?
Would Buffy care? Would Starbuck? No way!

Roslin and Adama are my OTP
All your base are belong to me.
I might be kind of a geek.
I'm waiting for Cthulu to finally phone me,
Han didn't shoot first, Han shot only.
I might be kind of a geek.
So you can take me or leave me.
If you want to go, I'm not gonna pout.
But don't knock over the Boba Fett stand-up on your way out.


Erin Murray was raised in CT, where they keep the yuppies, and now she's in good old MA, where they're bred. She's been writing silly little songs since she was in grade school, beginning with "Taxation Without Representation", during which she bludgeoned her class to death with syllables. The obvious course of events was Music School, as she never attended preschool and was hopeless with colors and shapes. She attended Berklee College of Music and has a small albeit spooky fanbase. More of her music can be heard on her MySpace page.