1. autobiography- Since tacos cannot think, we will never be able to read an autobiography by one.

2. dough - His tacos were so delicious, they would have made him a lot of dough if only he could have brought himself to sell them.

3. ostracize - He felt he could eat a taco as big as an ostich so when they asked him what size he wanted he said "ostracize".

4. grippe - To make sure the delicious fillings did not fall on his clean pants, Rick held the taco in a firm grippe.

5. posture - She could think of nothing more relaxing than a picnic lunch in a bright green posture. Also, the lunch would be tacos.

6. ironical - I looked this up and read the definition over and over and I just don't get it. I'm skipping it and figure I can still get at least a 90%. Sorry.

7. innumerable - Thank God the sources of crunchy tortilla shells appears to be innumberable.

8. moron - His taco was already covered in fixings but he still wanted moron.

9. sheer - I hate to be bold, but I think this one is spelled wrong. Doesn't it start with a c? Anyway, free tacos are really something to sheer about!

10. parlor - Everybody sheered when they found out there were innumerable free tacos in the parlor. They would not need to part with any dough!

11. rostrum - Really spicy tacos made David have to take frequent trips to the rostum.