Dear Mr. A. Schwarzenegger,

I must apologize to you for my recent reservations about the veracity of the rumours involving speculation of your, now official, candidacy for the position of Governor of the State of California.

Perhaps I have grown too jaded in my advancing years, but I confess to you now that I had suspected the aforementioned rumours to simply be a creative part of the larger marketing campaign for your most recent offering at the cinema, "T3: Rise of the Machines." Conventional wisdom seemed to indicate that this third offering of robotic man action diversions was tertiary not just chronologically, but in quality as well. Rumours abounded that your alleged political aspirations were merely to keep your name in the news, thus gaining free publicity for your science-fiction entertainment. To my great shame, I lent some credence to these claims.

It has become clear, however, following your announcement on Mr. J. Leno's televised humor pageant, that your intent is, indeed, to run for the office mentioned above. I feel a fool. How can I have doubted a man who has ever been up-front and honest with the public? I see now that, though your heart may be enfeebled by years of muscle-increasing medications, tobacco-cigars, and the surgeon's knife, it most certainly remains in the right place.

Yours in apologetic support,
Mr. B. Hawkins Brockie

P.S.: Inspiration! Would your schedule allow for a motion picture about a robotic man who is running for political office? I think the appeal is obvious.