Supreme Court Audio Set for Downloading

I had no idea there was an audience for this sort of thing. As is the case with everything, a quick Google Groups search proved me wrong.

>From: M. Harton ( )
>Subject: Bootlegs for trade
>Date: 2003/05/02
>Just putting these out there- Still looking for Printz v. United States, New York Times v. Tasini and anything from the 1985 term.
>Disclaimer: Please remember these are BOOTLEG decisions. Don't hold me to
>exactly what I rate the quality and the time of each. I am just giving my
>best guess. If you are looking for some fantastic sounding recording you
>aren't gonna like BOOTLEGS !!!
>New Jersey v. T.L.O.
>Sound Rating: EX+
>Length: 80 Min.
>Source: Soundboard
>Not bad - one of Chief Justice Byron "Hailstorm" White's better shows. Not much
>gallery noise in this one. Nice duet with Stevens and Marshall on the dissent.
>Miranda v. Arizona
>Sound Rating: F
>Length: 100 Min.
>Source: Pocket tape recorder
>Not sure why I put this up here. Everyone has this one. My copy has a bit
>spliced in at the end where Bill Douglas goes off on some clerk about the
>pastry cart being out of raspberry danishes. *Will only trade full tape*
>Rankin v. McPherson
>Sound Rating: EX
>Length: 68 Min.
>Source: Soundboard
>Case isn't usually considered one of the "landers;" Notable for Lewis Powell's
>repeated, dead-on impression of then-President Ronald Reagan.
>Bibb v. Navajo Freight Lines Inc. (1959)
>Sound Rating: G+
>Length: 30 Min.
>Source: Unknown
>I think this is from a wire recording. If so, it's in excellent shape and a
>wonderful example of the Warren court era. Everyone points to the big ones from
>these years, but this is the type of recording I look for. It's not a heavy
>case, the pressure's off the boys and does it ever show! Frankfurter even pulls
>his "Can't hear ya, Slim!" act on a poor bastard from the Illinois AG office.
>Repeated references to Potter Stewart as "new blood" and "hot shot." Great,
>great stuff. One of the most fun listens in my collection.
>Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (1978)
>Sound Rating: G+
>Length: 127 Min.
>Source: Soundboard
>Standard civil rights case from the 70s. Opening act is Emerson, Lake & Palmer.