Erin Murray
Cap'n Wacky's Boatlaod of Fun presents a new song by Erin Murray for you to download and enjoy.

Download "Taxidermy (Baby, I Love You)" here!

And for your further enjoyment, here are the lyrics too:

Taxidermy (Baby, I Love You)
by Erin Murray

So they tell me that you're leaving,
Leaving me alone.
Well, honey, I've gotta tell you,
I just don't think I can let you go.
You gotta know I burn for you,
And that is why I have to turn to:

Taxidermy - be mine forever.
Taxidermy - and never leave.
Because you won't have working joints,
or the thought process that would make you go.
You'll just kind of stand there.
But I think you'll know
That baby, I love you.

I'll fill your life with happiness
and I'll enrich your soul.
I'll fill your stomach with woodchips
And polyurethane foam.
I'll remove your intestines
cos we're destined
to never part.
But I'll keep your heart... metaphorically.

Be mine forever.
Taxidermy - and never leave.
I'll put you in the parlour, and you'll always be mine
I'll put a santa hat on you in Christmastime,
Cos baby I love you.

Oh my friends they tell me
"he's bad news, he's full of bugs, and he smells like formaldehyde..."
But what you lack in vital organs, I know you have twice the love inside.
Cos there's more room without vital organs.
Oh, why can't you get a wax figure, they tell me
but I think that's kind of creepy.

Taxidermy - be mine forever.
Taxidermy - and never leave,
We'll grow old together in this place we call home,
a little house in the country, we'll have children of our own
And I will look into your dead glass eyes and say:
"Honey, I'm so glad you stayed."


Erin Murray was raised in CT, where they keep the yuppies, and now she's in good old MA, where they're bred. She's been writing silly little songs since she was in grade school, beginning with "Taxation Without Representation", during which she bludgeoned her class to death with syllables. The obvious course of events was Music School, as she never attended preschool and was hopeless with colors and shapes. She attended Berklee College of Music and has a small albeit spooky fanbase. More of her music can be heard on her MySpace page.