By Brodie H. Brockie

1. Motown Week
2. Country Week
3. Sea Shanties Week
4. Satanic Metal Week
5. Emily Dickinson Poems Sung to the Tune of "The Yellow Rose of Texas" Week
6. Wesley Willis Covers Week
7. Tuvan Throat Singing Week
8. Songs About Ruben Studdard Enjoying Pie Week
9. Old Advertising Jingles With Words That Were Innocuous At the Time But Now Sound Dirty Week
10. Songs That Don't Suck Week
11. College Fight Songs Including the Word "Vim" Week
12. Gregorian Chant Week
13. Long Bus Trip Songs Week
14. Songs That Suggest Extreme Confidence In Mediocre Talent, and Not Merely Confidence But Almost Even A Suggestion That The Singer Feels That They Deserve Enormous Accolades As a God-Given Right Without Particular Effort Or Struggle And Certainly Without Actually Creating Something Themselves Week
15. Disco Week!