By Brodie H. Brockie

Dimension B
Difference: I am never given the operation to correct the three fused fingers on my right hand.
Result: I am briefly exhibited at carnivals and circus sideshows as "The Amazing
Kind-Of Like A Lobster Boy." No one much cares, and after a few years, I give up and return to civilian life. After that, my life is exactly the same as in this dimension, only I need to have my gloves custom made.

Dimension F
Difference: As a young boy, I begin taking tap-dancing lessons through the local recreation department.
Result: After about a month, I see no improvement in my abilities, lose interest, and do not sign up for the next course. After that, my life follows exactly the same course as in this dimension.

Dimension Q
Difference: I choose to part my hair from the left to the right instead of right to left.
Result: No discernable difference.

Dimesion S
Difference: When choosing a college major, I pick theoretical physics instead of English.
Result: After one semester, I realize I do not have a very good mind for science, switch my major to English, and graduate with a slightly lower GPA. After this, my life follows exactly the same path as in this dimension.

Dimension H
Difference: While at college, I pause one day to tie my shoes more tightly before going to class.
Result: I leave the dorm 3.6 seconds later than in this dimension and am hit by a random searching tractor beam from a visiting flying saucer from a planet in a nearby solar system. The aliens inside are looking for a champion to free them from enslavement under a dastardly imperialistic warlord. Because their race is much weaker physically than humans, they didnāt much care who they grabbed.

Back on their homeworld, I easily defeat the tyrant and am rewarded with marriage to the most beautiful alien woman on the planet. We live happily together for several decades and have 8 mixed-race children before the doctors discover that minor differences between the atmosphere of their planet and that of Earthās are slowly killing me. Returning at once to Earth will restore me to health. My wife and children would not be able to join me, as Earth's atmosphere would be equally deadly to them.

It is decided that the best thing to do for the sake of my sanity it to wipe my memory of my life on this alien world and to time-travel me back to the exact moment I was abducted. Also, the doctors are capable of restoring me to the exact age I was when I left.

I return to Earth, and afterward my life takes exactly the same path as in this dimension.

Dimension X
Difference: I write a piece entitled "My Lives in Alternate Dimensions," but it is never published anywhere.
Result: My life follows exactly the same path as in this dimension.