by Brodie H. Brockie & RJ White

President George W. Bush has been selecting a theme for each week of his presidency to highlight issues important to him and the nation. Originally expected only to be used during the beginning of his administration, Bush recently revealed the themes of weeks for some time to come. Here's the list:

President Bush models one of the hats he'll be wearing during Wacky Hat Week

Domestic Assault Awareness Week

Farming Appreciation Week

The Dangers of Dancing Week

Aid to the Castaways on Gilligan's Island Week

National Squirt Gun Fight Week

Wacky Hat Week

Guess What I've Got Hidden In My Hand Week

Education Week II: The Revenge

Guess the Width of Ted Kennedy's Pants (in Yards) Week

Snoopy Snow Cone Week

Wational Wart Wevery Word With "W" Week

Sea-Monkey Death Prevention Week

Katherine Harris Appreciation Week

Use Oil Like It Was Some Kind Of Water Week

Execution-A-Rama Week


Take Your Dad to Work Week

Dollar Daze

You're President For a Day! Week

National Libary Week

All Mexican Nationals Admitted Free Week

Bomb a Middle Eastern Country Into the Stone Age Week

President Bush practices for Cross-Dress To Work Week

Cross-Dress to Work Week

Pie-Eatin' Week

Shark Week

Let's All Remember Just How Dumb Dan Quayle Was, Now THAT Was A Dumb Guy Week

Pancake Supper Week

Guys Named "Jeff" Appreciation Week

Bring Back "Automan" Week

Bring Back "Manimal" Week

Bring Back "Fraggle Rock" Week

Bring Back That One Show With The Super-Helicopter Week

Speling is Opshunil Week

Pet the Kitties Week

Welcome Our New Alien Overlords Week