My Liner Notes
by Brodie H. Brockie

There are only a few minor factors keeping me from being a major rock star.

1. I'm not a particularly talented musician.
2. I'm not a uniquely gifted singer.
3. It's not that I frighten children, but I'm not exactly handsome either.
4. I'm unwilling to sell my soul.

If it weren't for these minor complications, however, I can feel in my bones that I could put together a stadium-packing, hit-filled album that would change the sound of popular music for all time.

The best part, though, would be the liner notes.

As the pesky snags listed above will probably always keep my music from the masses, I feel it my duty that I at least share my liner notes with my (would be) loyal fans. You deserve it. Without you, I couldnąt pretend it would happen.

Upon further consideration, an awful lot of people who aren't particularly gifted musicians have recorded popular rock albums, so maybe I will too. If that happens, consider these notes a preview.