by Brodie H. Brockie

The Raccoon's Vacation

The Raccoon was preparing to take his family on their annual vacation. His wife wanted to make sure everything was prepared.

"Did you get gas?" she asked him.

"The tank is full," he answered.

"Did you change the oil?" she asked him.

"I did," he answered.

"Do we have wiper fluid?" she asked.

"We do," he answered.

"Did you pack a spare tire?" she asked.

"I did," he answered.

"And a jack?"


"And a tire iron?"


"Good," she said, satisfied.

The Raccooon, his wife, and their three little children packed into the car and headed off down the road. It wasn't long before they heard a loud banging sound and the car lost some steering control. A tire had blown. The raccoon pulled the car over onto the shoulder and stopped the engine.

"It's a good thing you remembered to pack a spare," said the Raccoon's Wife.

"Yes," the Raccoon agreed.

The Raccoon then got out of the car, walked to the trunk, and opened it. Inside, he saw the spare tire, the jack, and the tire iron, but realized suddenly, what he had forgotten: he had no opposable thumbs, and therefore could not change the tire.

MORAL: Thumbs are a good thing to have.

The Fight Club Discussion

The Rabbit, the Wolf, and the Mantis went to see "Fight Club" together. They all agreed that it was a good movie, and that the Dust Brothers' soundtrack was great, but they disagreed on the message of the film.

"I think the filmmaker was saying that while violence may seem any easy solution, it inevitably complicates," said the Rabbit.

"I thought it meant that in our modern society, man must take drastic measures to make his mark," said the Wolf.

"I believe the filmmaker was warning us to be wary of seductive messages, whether they come from advertisers, charismatic friends, or even from filmmakers," said the Mantis.

The three animals talked and talked like this, but could not agree.

MORAL: Not all stories have simple morals that they spell out for you.