Part Two: Waynes' World

One thing I quickly noticed was that most of the existing casinos have themes. One popular kind of theme is to recreate the look and feel of another city. The Paris casino has a giant Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, all the rooms show Jerry Lewis films, and the employees are instructed to be aloof and/or insulting. Other city-casinos included New York, New York; Monte Carlo; and Venice.

The Stardust Hotel and Casino - More Waynes than you can shake a stick at.
My favorite of these city-themed casinos, though, had to be the Las Vegas Casino. It's exterior was made up of smaller-scale recreations of the exteriors of several of the casinos in town, including a miniature version of itself (which, in turn included a miniature version, which in turn included a miniature version, and so on to ridiculousness).

At the Excalibur you can enjoy gambling and dining in a medieval setting. Meals are served sans silverware, there is no interior plumbing, and most of the employees have the plague.

Any guests who die while staying at the Egyptian-themed Luxor are quickly mummified and sealed in their hotel rooms along with all of their possessions and loved ones.

At the Stardust, featuring the Wayne Newton Theatre, all employees have been cloned from a DNA sample from the original Wayne Newton (now called Wayne Newton One) and quickly grown to adulthood via acceleration tubes - even the showgirls.

That's the kind of dedication to theme you'll only find in Vegas.