Shooting this warning was not only excruciatingly painful (so what else is new), but also damn insulting to my integrity as a professional.

I show up for this shoot not knowing what kind of sign Iım going to be shooting for (which is damn annoying to begin with because had I known it was going to be YET ANOTHER shot of me getting electrocuted by a damn electrical box, I could've just told him to use one of the many I'd already done).

So, the director tells me they've got to set up for a while, and I should just relax while I wait, and, oh why not grab yourself a donut out of that innocent little cabinet over there.

So I reach in to enjoy some doughy goodness and ZAP! I get blasted with a damn lightening bolt. The crew is cracking up, and the director, through his jackass smirk, tells me I'm all done ­ they just got the shot.

So I ask him what the heck he thinks he's doing, and he tells me ­ get this ­ he wanted to spring it on me so they could "capture the image of genuine surprise and alarm."

I thought about explaining to him that I'm a pro and had made my damn living by selling surprise and alarm, but my temper got the better of me and I decided to capture my own genuine image of surprise and alarm by kicking him in the goodies.

Most satisfying lawsuit I've ever been served.

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