SUBMISSIONS POLICY is now accepting submissions to our comedy website. Submissions should be e-mailed to and contain the word "submission" in the subject header, like this: "Submission: Hilarious Short Story" (Man, this paragraph has the word submission(s) in it lots of times).

Submissions should be of a humorous nature. Also, they should be funny.

As long as it makes us laugh (or smirk knowingly), we can find a spot for it on the Cap'n.

Some examples:

  • Short humor pieces? Yes.
  • Comics? Yes.
  • Poetry? Sure, but you know, not crappy.
  • Songs? Yes (send in mp3 form)
  • Something else we're not thinking of? Yes.
  • We are not, at this time, accepting submissions for most of the existing sections of the site. Submissions for Stick Figure Warning Man, Zonar, or The Gallery of Unfortunate Cards will not be accepted, even if they are better than our own. Submissions for The Disgruntled Employee of the Month, eGad, or Reviews will be considered (though reviews, again, should also be of a humorous and preferably unconventional nature). Stand-alone pieces will be placed in our Flotsam & Jetsam section.

    Writers interested in starting their own regular feature, comic, or sub-section of the site should submit a description, including how often the feature is expected to be updated, and at least three installments.

    Writers will not be paid for accepted submissions (or, for that matter, for rejected submissions but maybe that's obvious), though they will receive the admiration of their peers. Writers will retain copyright of their own material, though will retain copyright of any existing characters or material (in other words, yes you can write a Disgruntled, but Gary Newbrunswick is still ours).

    Once your submission is received, our editorial staff will go over it and get back with you as soon as possible with their decision (how's that for vague? OK, we're new at this and don't know how long it will take. Probably not long, I bet).

    Thanks for your interest in submitting to, and we look forward to reading your submission that you'll be submitting to