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Non-Comic Information

World of the Watchmen




1916 Hollis Mason is born.
1929 Jon Osterman is born.
10/13/38 Hooded Justice makes his public debut.
1939 Silk Spectre, Nite Owl, Captain Metropolis, the Comedian, Silhouette, Dollar Bill, and Mothman all debut. The Minutemen are formed. Adrian Veidt is born.
3/21/40Walter Kovacs is born.
10/?2/40 The Minutemen group photo is taken. The Comedian attempts to rape Sally Jupiter.
1941 The US enters World War II.
1945 World War II ends.
1946 Silhouette is expelled from the Minutemen, and killed.
1947 Sally Jupiter resigns and marries Laurence Schexnayder.
1948 Jon Osterman enters Princeton.
1949 Laurel Jane Juspeczyk is born. The Minutemen disband.
1951 Walter Kovacs attacks and partially blinds a bully, and is taken from his mother and put into the Lillian Charlton home.
1956 Sally and Laurence are divorced. Sylvia Kovacs is murdered. Both his parents dead, Veidt decides to follow the footsteps of Alexander the Great.
1958 Jon receives his Ph.D. in atomic physics from Princeton. Ozymandias becomes active.
5/12/59 Jon's first day at Gila Flats.
7/59 The photograph of Janey and Jon is taken.
8/59 Jon Osterman is seemingly killed in an accident at Gila Flats.
9/59 Jon's funeral is held.
11/10/59"There is a circulatory system walking through the kitchen..."
11/14/59 "A partially muscled skeleton stands by the perimeter fence and screams for thirty seconds before vanishing..."
11/22/59Jon first appears fully reassembled.
2/60 The government devises the Dr. Manhattan identity for Jon.
3/60Dr. Manhattan is announced to the world.
6/60Nite Owl, Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias meet for the first time at a charity function.
11/60 Dr. Manhattan invades Moloch's "underground vice-den."
9/61 Dr. Manhattan meets President Kennedy.
5/62 Hollis Mason retires.
1962 Dan Dreiberg debuts as the second Nite Owl. Under the Hood is published.
11/22/63 President Kennedy is assassinated; Dr. Manhattan does not prevent it.
3/64 Inspired by the rape and murder of Kitty Genovese, Walter Kovacs becomes Rorschach.
1965 Nite Owl and Rorschach, working together, bring down Big Figure and the Underboss.
1966 Laurie debuts as Silk Spectre. The abortive first meeting of the Crimebusters is held. Janey leaves Dr. Manhattan.
1968 Nite Owl arrests Twilight Lady. Richard Nixon is elected President for the first time.
1969 Jon's father dies.
1970 Gila Flats closes. Jon and Laurie move to Washington.
1/71 Nixon asks Dr. Manhattan to intervene in Vietnam.
3/71 Dr. Manhattan meets the Comedian in Vietnam.
5/71 The Viet Cong surrender.
6/71 VVN day.
11/71 Wally Weaver dies.
1973 Woodward and Bernstein turn up dead while investigating the Watergate breakin.
1975 Nixon proposes a constitutional amendment allowing him to run for more than 2 terms. Ozymandias retires and announces his identity publicly.
8/3/77 The Keene Act is passed. Silk Spectre and Nite Owl retire.
1981 Laurie and Jon move to Rockefeller.
1985 The Comedian runs across Ozymandias' secret island.
10/85 Blake tells Moloch about the island.
10/11/85 The Comedian is murdered. Rorschach visits Dreiberg.
10/13/85 Rorschach visits Ozymandias, Silk Spectre, and Dr. Manhattan. Laurie and Dan go to dinner.
10/16/85 The Comedian's funeral. Rorschach visits Moloch.
10/19/85 Laurie leaves Jon. Dr. Manhattan appears on TV, goes to Arizona, and leaves Earth. Laurie goes to Dan.
10/20/85 Rorschach visits Dan again. The Soviets invade Afghanistan.
10/21/85 Rorschach visits Moloch again. A failed attempt is made to assassinate Veidt. Laurie moves to Dan's apartment. Rorschach is framed for Moloch's murder, and apprehended by the police.
10/25/85 Mal has his first session with Rorschach. Dan and Laurie rescue several people from a tenement fire.
10/26/85 Mal and Rorschach's second session. Rorschach attacks another inmate with hot fat, and is put in solitary confinement.
10/27/85 Mal and Rorschach's third session. Dan and Laurie plan to spring Rorschach.
10/28/85 Mal and Rorschach's fourth session; Rorschach relates the story of the Roche kidnapping.
10/30/85 Steve Fine visits Dreiberg.
10/31/85 The prisoner Rorschach attacked dies, and Sing Sing erupts in a riot. Dan and Laurie bust Rorschach from prison. Dr. Manhattan takes Laurie to Mars.
11/1/85 Hollis Mason is murdered. Rorschach and Nite Owl find the courier at Happy Harry's. The participants in the alien project are killed by a bomb.
11/2/85 Rorschach and Nite Owl break into Veidt's office, and go to Karnak. Veidt activates the transmission. The "alien" appears in New York. Laurie and Jon arrive in Karnak. Bubastis is killed. Dr. Manhattan kills Rorschach.
12/25/85 Laurie and Dan visit Sally in their new identities.

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