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What's your favorite browser? NCSA Mosaic? Netscape? Lynx? Hot Java? Your college's Gopher system? Sounds like something worth discussing on our message board.

It's been the buzz of Usenet, folks have been wondering when it's finally going to be released, and we were able to get our hands on a copy:
Mosaic Netscape - 0.9 Beta Release

What is it?

The future
It, quite simply, is amazing.

We now have a more efficient, streamlined way to travel around the part of the internet called the World Wide Web (WWW), allowing you to see text and images. You see, there are pages on this WWW that are programmed in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and these new WWW browsing programs read the HTML and translate it into a page. Forget the Gopher, this is the future, right here.

Sure, NCSA's Mosaic browser was a step forward, but this new Mosaic Netscape program takes a quantum leap forward.

What can it do?
You should ask what can't it do? Here- an example


See? Now we can actually change text sizes! Even in the middle of words! Amazing!

Plus, this revolutionary 0.9 release includes programs for sending e-mail. All of these features, in one program!

Is it it really necessary? I get all of my information just fine from Lynx.
Okay, it does take a bit longer, on that 14,400 kbps modem, but the Mosaic Communications people have developed it so the text on the pages loads before the pictures. That way, you have something to read while you wait for a picture to load. Though programmers say that we might have higher speed access to the internet in a few years, maybe even through your local cable company! (Hurry it up, TCI and Horizon Cablevision!)

Is there anything to look at, though?
Why, of course there is! More pages are being added daily!

NCSA has a "what's new" page at:

MTV personality Adam Curry has set up a page for the music channel at:

A couple of Stanford students have started up a collection of web site links called Yahoo:

So see? There's plenty out there. Plus, rumor has it that America Online will be adding Web access to it's service before year's end! There's no doubt that Mosaic Netscape will dominate this growing World Wide Web community when they finally release the 1.0 version of their program!