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Why is this book so popular? Why do the Monkees look so old? Where the hell has Michael Nesmith been all these years? Sounds like something worth discussing on our message board.

This novel has captured the hearts of readers on both sides of the Atlantic. We identify with the protagonist's shortcomings at the same time we admire his spunk and hope he finds the better life he deserves. In short, we've found our new everyman.
Davy Jones's Diary

The British literary sensation.
What's it about?
Davy Jones is a plucky Englishman who suddenly realizes one day he's a bit past his prime and life hasn't shaped up exactly as he hoped. He sets goals for himself and intends to improve his life by achieving them. Davey focuses first on drinking less, smoking less, and becoming taller; and hopes that his larger aspirations will follow suit. Along the way, he copes with the help of his three colorful friends (and former bandmates) and, of course, keeps his diary informed of every event.

How about an excerpt?
Sure, here you go:

Alcohol units consumed 10 (out with the boys), cigarettes 20 (not bad), height 5'5" (no change, hanging from pull-up bar with weights around ankles having no effect. drat.)

Went out w/ Mike, Peter, and Mickey tonight to distract myself from embarrassment at trying to get into the recording studio. They're v. supportive and make me feel much better at times like this. Mike's even a great pal, though I wish he'd take off that bloody hat once in a while. I'm afraid we all carried on rather loudly at the pub, as I noticed we got the funniest looks from everyone we met.

Anyway, we weren't there terribly long before that Russian spy who has been following us around lately showed up and made his move. We all ran away while loudly singing "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone." At times it almost seemed as though we ran faster that humanly possible. Perhaps it was just the excitement, the rush of adrenaline, but whenever we're in trouble the world just seems to suddenly go into fast forward. Eventually, we gave him the slip in Little Venice by dressing up as gondoliers and rowing away.

When I got home to my flat I took a good look at myself in the mirror in the W.C. I looked ridiculous in my striped shirt and fake mustache. Why would a grown man continue to carry on in this fashion? I took the mustache off, it didn't help much. I'm not as young as I once was, and worse still - I'm as short as ever.

If only I could force myself to straighten up. I still think it shouldn't take that much - just a little more discipline. I know I can force myself to do this. I know I can do better.

I'm a believer.

So, is it good or what?
Yes, if a bit uneven. Davy's little obsessions and shortcomings are the sorts that everyone can relate to, though perhaps he expresses himself a bit more comically than most. Unfortunately, the frequent chase scenes and musical numbers are a bit of a distraction, but not so much that this Diary isn't well worth a read.