The scene in which Emperor Palpatine says to the robo-doctors: "Hey, while you're giving Darth Vader new legs and arms, and a respirator and everything, could you also lose the whiney and make him sound like James Earl Jones? Thanks."

After the massacre in the Jedi Temple, the scene in which Obi-Wan Kenobi decides to convert to Judaism and changes his name to "Ben."

The scene during which the clonetroopers building the Death Star learn they'll be getting paid by the hour and decide to slow production way, waaaaay down.

Deleted scene where Padme lives through the birth, but then they tell her that her children would be safer if Vader thought she was dead. Then they kill her.

Mini-movie 'Snakes on a Star Cruiser'

Blooper remake where the clone soldiers attack Utapau in CGI Hot Rod Lincolns.

The scene in which Yoda decides to go into exile on the sunny beach planet of Hawaiiine while sending a puppet decoy to swampy Dagobah.

10 additional minutes of Anakin and Padme saying, "You're pretty" "No, YOU'RE pretty!" "No, YOU'RE pretty!" and so on.

Bar scene featuring musical performance by Man... or Astroman?

Scene were Jedi knight is attacked by clonetroopers, but manages to fight them off. As he looks about at the dead bodies, he wipes his forehead, mutters a sigh of relief, then turns and accidentally steps off a cliff.

'Love Conquers All' alternate ending where Anakin's love for Padme wins over the dark side, and together with Obi-Wan he gets Palpatine to see the error of his wicked ways. Unfortunately, they're too late to save Master Yoda. But there's still lots of rainbows and sunshine.

Setting to have scrolling text in the beginning be in Klingon.

Bonus selection menu lets you choose additional people to provide the voice of Yoda; Gilbert Gottfried, Barry White, and Harvey Fierstein are among the selections

Scene where, in a desperate attempt to save the Republic, Senator Organa initiates a filibuster to prevent the senate voting to grant power to Palpatine. The filibuster ends when the senator feels an overwhelming urge to 'look for droids', if you know what I mean.

A scene with Jar Jar Binks.