(You can create some sort of graphic here if you want. I donít really know how to because Iím not very artistic and even worse with computers. I took a ďGraphic CommunicationsĒ class in high school but I ended up sitting next to a couple of football players. They were pretty nice but they spent most of their time watching old Saturday Night Live clips. They especially liked the one where Will Ferrell plays Alex Trebek in those ďJeopardyĒ sketches. Those were pretty funny I guess. Some of the characters were kind of hit or miss. I watch Jeopardy every so often. One time when I was younger [about 9 or 10 letís say] I got a final Jeopardy question right. It was about Michelangelo. It wasnít really that difficult of a question though. I donít really get the whole Renaissance thing, do you? I mean, most of those paintings just seem to be just accurate depictions of how people look. But whatever, I guess I know less about art than I do about computers! Anyways, make a graphic if you want.)


1. They donít always have the lamps you want
2. Sometimes they make you buy a lamp you donít want to buy
3. They donít have a large selections of lamps

Thatís it.