Sure, Jabba the Hutt tells his bounty hunters that the reason he wants Han Solo captured is a spice shipment the pirate never brought him, but there are lots of other reasons that the giant slug hates the hotshot pilot. And here they are:

Han can pull off wearing leather pants.

Han gave Jabba the nickname "Chubby Spice", which Jabba's minions started using behind his back.

Jabba's unrequited love for Chewbacca, who ran off with Han.

Han can pull off wearing pants.

Han took Jabba's sister to prom, got frisky, never called her again.

Because sometimes love ... turns to hate.

Han beat him in a pie-eating contest, and that's not the kind of thing a Hutt lives down.

One of the best kept secrets in the universe is that Jabba is really Han, and Vice Versa. Jabba tricked Han into holding onto an ancient skull, and their minds were swapped. Now Jabba is running around in Han's body while Han sits in his own filth. He needs to bring Han back and force him to hold the skull so they can switch back.

He doesn't hate Han, he just wants to give him a hug. Jabba is really a softy inside, and he thinks that scoundrel could really use a hug.

Jabba can never shake that memory of himself sobbing and calling out after Han Solo as he walks away with some lady, "Bro's before ho's, Han! Bro's before ho's!"

Han Solo is a New York Yankees fan, while on the other hand, Jabba more of a fan of feeding people to a giant monster.

Not all of Jabba really hates Han. Mostly it's just the little person working the tail.

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Han Solo?? Oh man, I'm sorry, all this time I've been trying to capture Han Scolo. See, this guy stole my... oh, I've wasted enough of your time. I'm sorry about all this. Wow, is my face a redder shade of pale green. How embarrassing.

Han always eats the last frog.