While George Lucas has promised that Revenge of the Sith will be the last Star Wars feature film, he has also indicated that one or more upcoming TV shows will be set in that galaxy far, far away. While the topic of the show has yet to be determined, Lucasfilm has already rejected the following ideas.

LEAVE IT TO LUMPY - After his star-making turn waiting for his dad to return for Life Day in the Star Wars Holiday Special, Lumpy's getting his own show! Watch the littlest Wookiee wait around for something new each week! Is dinner ready yet? When will the bus get here? Will it ever stop raining?

WHEEL OF BIB FORTUNA - Popular front man and host of Jabba the Hutt's popular skiff-side performance venue hosts this specialized program focusing on axle and tire repair for auto enthusiasts.

THAT's MY WOOKIE- Roommate sitcom featuring Han Solo and Chewbacca living together. Hilarity ensues on a weekly basis. Pilot Episode: Han pet sits for a girl he's trying to date, only to have the girl's pet Ewok eaten by Chewie, and they have to find a replacement.

LUKE'S THE BOSS- After retiring from running the Jedi Academy, Luke applies to be a groundskeeper at Angela's moisture farm. Romantic tension and hilarity ensues on a weekly basis.

WHO'S THE BOUSHH? - Whenever cranky retired military general/pirate Han Solo tries to impose his will on his princess wife, he finds himself in trouble with tough bouny-hunter Boushh. Little does Han know, that's just his wife in disguise!

WHO'S THE BOSSK? - 4-Lom and Zuckass are two bachelors who seem like they have it all: fun jobs, cool outfits, and a really swingin' apartment. The only trouble is a certain reptillian bounty hunter bully is always showing up to ruin their fun.

PIMP MY DROID- Every week, intergalactic hip hop star THXzibit-1138 finds droids in miserable, embarrasing shape, and brings them to the Bespin City Custom Crew for a complete redo of their circuitry, body metal, and sound system.

THE SOLOS -- Clashing Blue-collar/Princess couple Han and Leia Solo share their home on Endor with Hanís hairy best friend Chewbacca. Rogueish Han, who makes a living as a parcel deliveryman, often has to scheme to find time alone with Leia, as Chewbacca can be quite a handful -- so much so that they hired a Wookie-walker, Holly, to look after him. When he's not working, clashing with Chewbacca, or nesting with Leia, Han hangs with his advice-giving buddies Deacon and Spence, as well as his cousin Danny.

LIFE WITH WEDGE -- Retired rebel Wedge Antilles opens a strip club in Cloud City, but Baron-Administrator Lando Calrissian, assisted by his aide Lobot, are always out to foil his get-rich quick schemes.

THAT'S OUR JAR-JAR! -- Jar-Jar Binks bee-sah barbershop owner who-sa lives on Naboo and who-sa share a house with his mother Spleefa and his sister Negres. Negres is married to Leonard, a stiff, unhip clone accountant. Jar-Jar's friends bee-sah Earl, a mailman who later became his partner in the barbershop, and Junior, a boisterous college student. Wildcat and Josh bee-sah two senior citizens who hang out in the barbershop making conversation and sometimes mischief.

THE PADAWAN - A reality series in which a young man or woman gifted in the force spends a week with a Jedi Master and a week with a Sith Lord. He or she must then choose to apprentice to protect the galaxy or embrace the dark side.

THE GREATEST ALDERAANIAN HERO- A skiff pilot is specially chosen by the Jedi to receive a suit that gives him incredible Jedi powers, but he promptly looses the instructions. Now he must work with the unfortunate Jedi chosen to train him to develop his powers while fighting for justice.

MAGNUM, JEDI: A handsome young Jedi with a bushy mustache solves crimes on the beach planet Hawahiheee 7 while cultivating a lusterous carpet of chest hair.

JABBA JAW- Cartoon about 4 kids and a Hutt who solve crimes while playing in a band. Jabba's on drums.

STAR TREK- A long time from now, in a galaxy far far away, a humanoid race that just discovered space travel works to explore a universe that is new to them, holding new life and new civilization.

'Gonna tell a little story 'bout an Ewok named Wicket, Poor little bear-thing got stuck in a thicket, When one day he was huntin', at which he was puissant, When he discovered Princess Leia and moved to Coruscant.

...the planet, that is.

Swimmin' Pools, Princesses! Y'all come back now, y'hear?

JAWA ROADSHOW - When you see the sandcrawler roll into your town, bring your old droids, vaporators, speeders and what have you and a helpful Jawa will tell you what it's worth.

HAND CHOPPING - One hour a week conisting purely of shots of lightsabers cutting the hands off of people, monsters, or droids.