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Yesterday, August 12, 2000
Hairy here. Ya know... this is a rumor that seems to pop up ever few years. I know some of you have given up hope that this movie will ever happen, but I keep hopin'. How frickin' cool would it be to see Cap'n Wacky sailing the big screen again... just like he did in our youths. Getting all the parties involved back "on board" might be tough, but I gott think the studios know... it would be worth it. Over to our mole, Wackytier42:

Hey, Geekmeister. "Wackytier42" here.

Boy have I got a scoop for you! I just heard from my old college roomate that his sister in law works with a guy who is dating a woman who works in a coffe shop where she has a regular customer who heard from a VERY RELIABLE SOURCE that there may be a sequal in the works to the Cap'n Wacky movie from the 1970s! "How freakin' cool!" was my immediate response. Finally! Didn't get any word on details, yet, but I know it's gonna ROCK!

"Wackytier42" out.

Sure, it'll rock, man... it's the Cap'n! OK, spies... gimme a script! Get me names... I neeeeed 'em!

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