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Today, June 17

Hey-ho, everyone, Hey, everybody. Hairy here with some BIG news.... One of the ICONS of my youth is finally going to be coming to the Silver Screen.

A little background first... I love the movies... but even I don't watch exclusively movies. There are times when... something else is needed. This is when I turn to the television set to provide my entertainment. I have such... fond memories as a young boy watching.... titanic battles take place before me on my flickering screen. I would watch in rapt attention. At times... so drawn into the excitement that I would not touch my special oversized Pez dispenser that dispenses Twinkies instead of Pez (with Wonder Woman head) for... minutes at a time!

There was one of these mighty warriors who stood above all the rest... who ruled all that he saw with a mighty first. His name... was Hogan... HULK HOGAN!

So imagine how excited the little boy Hairy inside me was when I got this report in my inbox this morning:

Dear Hairy, Don't know if you've heard about this, because the project is shrouded in secrecy. Right now, as we speak, Hollywood is working on a big screen movie biography of the great Hulk Hogan himself! Yes, this is not just in the development stage, this is a movie ALREADY IN PRODUCTION!

Since the real Hulk Hogan is now 97 years-old and no longer able to tear up trees by their roots or throw Volkswagen Beetles at his enemies, the Hulk Hogan in the movie will be entirely computer generated. This is a great idea, obviously. Since only CGI can reproduce the steroid-infused monster than Hogan was back in his heydey.

Just thought you might be ineterested. If you run this, call me "Mouth of the South"
Hairy here again. MIGHT BE INTERESTED! Brother, I just had to change my tighty-whities and it's not even noon!

OK, spies. Uncle Hairy needs to to get out there and find out anything you can about this project for me! ME NEED INFO! I'll be away for a few days... it's time again for my annual bypass surgery at the Mayo Clinic. I'll be leaving the website in the capable, but EVIL, hands of my compatriot BLOFELD while I'm away. So... I hope to hear more from you by the time I'm back!

Oh! I cannot wait to see the Hulkster ripping off his shirt on the big screen!

Hairy out.

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