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Today, June 17

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2003-06-17 04:53:17
From: Trollkins
Subject: oh no!!!

Hairy you said "So imagine how excited the little boy Hairy inside me was when I got this report in my inbox this morning:"

Have you been eating children again! Ha ha because youre are fat! HA HA!

2003-06-17 04:53:17
From: Norm
Subject: sheezus

Of all the stupid projects I've seen you get excited about, this has got to be one of the top ten stupidist. I mean, its not as dumb as the shot for shot remake of Casablanca starring Jim Bruer and Julitte Lewis, but it's still pretty damn stupid.

2003-06-17 04:53:17
From: Gobotsfan87
Subject: casting ideeas

Bruce Campbell as Macho Man Randy Savage
Sean Connery as Rowdy Roddy Piper
Dolph Lundgren as Nikolai Volkov
Hairy Knavel himself as Andre the Giant, god rest his mighty soul!

2003-06-17 04:53:17
From: beedlebaum
Subject: oh yeah!

Hulk Hogan is the sexiest tomboy beanpole on the planet! That never gets old!

2003-06-17 04:53:17
From: Zonar
Subject: grist for the mill

Ah, Hollywood. You seem poised to bring me fodder for my column for ever and for ever. For that, Zonar shall always love you, but not nearly so much as I hate you.

2003-06-17 04:53:17
From: Modok54
Subject: FIRST!

Wooo! First at last! Bow before Modok!

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