I can play the banjo!

It goes plinka plinka plinka! Plinka planka ploo!

One time I ate a butterfly because I thought maybe if I did that the butterfly would become part of me and I might grow beautiful butterfly wings, but Fern said that it was only a moth so maybe that's why it didn't work.

I don't like this vest because it's kind of scratchy, but Toby says it makes me look respectable.

Playing the bajo is hard! I practice lots and lots, but it's still pretty hard. I cannot tie my own shoes, so I like loafers.

Sally is pretty. I pretend she is my little sister, but she's not really. One time some guys at school took my banjo away and would'nt give it back and called me "the banjo retard," but then Butch and Marcus beat them up so that's OK.

Butch and Marcus are my friends. They know I'm not so great at playing the banjo, but I am very good with explosives, so they're going to let me handle that part.