BUTCH: So did we get the gig?

MARCUS: Yeah, we got it all right.

BUTCH: Swell, Marcus. I talked to the team, everyone knows what they need to do.

MARCUS: Everyone? Pee Wee knows what we're up to?

BUTCH: Oh, hell no. He just knows what he needs to know. He'll be there, ready to play some banjo music.

MARCUS: Ha ha. We'll be playing some music all right.

BUTCH: "We're in the Money!" Ha ha!

MARCUS: I don't think I know how to play that one. In what key?

BUTCH: Shut up, Marcus.

MARCUS: Say, what about Raymond? You sure that retard can handle the explosives?

BUTCH: Well, she said he could, so that's good enough for me. See?

MARCUS: Right, OK.

BUTCH: She ain't been wrong about anything yet.

MARCUS: Right. Right. I was just saying.

BUTCH: Right. So it all goes down tomorrow, right?

MARCUS: Right. See you at the bank tomorrow morning.